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The mission of HQ: Good Design is Good Business is quite simple: to help you, the nation’s most senior executives, understand that making the right—or wrong—decisions about workplace design have serious strategic implications affecting everything from profitability to productivity; from recruitment to branding. Read on »
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HQ Cover Vol 1 No 1
Winter 2009 Vol. 1, No. 1
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Find detailed information on each of our sponsors. Learn how HQ advertisers can help you make informed decisions about your headquarters.

Calling all owners, architects, engineers and construction managers! This forum is a place where you can share information about projects you are involved in that demonstrate that good design is good business.

HQ Photo Showcase

View and read about office buildings whose design facilitates good business--with photos and text submitted by architects, owners and building professionals from around the world.

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Written by the editors of HQ, this blog builds on the case studies and cutting-edge research included in the debut issue of the magazine, bringing you regular reports about how senior executives are translating good design into good business.